Walking invisible
Ever seeking
The one who can see me

Searching for oneness
For laughter and life
For hands that seek to touch
And lips that seek to kiss
For eyes that seek to speak
Words that need not be spoken
Searching for the spark
That flares contentment
Into happiness

Invisibly walking
Someone somewhere
Seeks as I seek
Longing to see
And be seen



Against my better judgement
I believe in love
The most bittersweet illusion
Something that can not be held
Or contained
A flame the hand passes through
As if it wasn’t there
Leaving pain
And the desire
The longing
To touch it one more time

It is there
But it is not
A shimmering of heat devils
(Or angels?)
In the distance
The Siren song singing
That love is real
And waiting
As elusive and dangerous
As fire
In the palm of your hand

This was inspired by a brilliant post by Toasha on her blog Pain is Universal.  Please go check out her fantastic poetry!
This also fits pretty well with Claudia’s prompt over at the dVerse pub. 😉

Young Love, Old Friends

You held my heart
Beating in time to your laughter
When I was but a boy
And you the girl-next-door
I felt love for the first time
Blooming in those dry summer days
Beneath a hazy sky
When stars fell
And aurora beamed
And innocence played games in the street

Time has gone
Leaving childhood days
Misty in the rearview mirror
Some faded, some embellished
But when we cross paths
In life’s twisting surreal maze
We smile
And say “Remember when…?”

The days of innocence are past
But they still remain
Tucked safely in the heart
Where young love
Becomes old friends

NaPoWriMo 2013 post #10

A Hug

A hug
Such a simple thing
Holds a power beyond measure
With two arms you can encompass
Your entire world
A hug
Is acceptance
It is healing
The medicine of life
It is comfort
It is expression
Of words that do not exist
In the press of two bodies
A warm flush
A rush
Ethereal and electric
Where both time
And the heart
In a moment
Of quiet power

NaPoWriMo 2013 post #4

Not to be Trusted

Love is not to be trusted
It intoxicates
Seeping into every soggy cell
Of these animal brains
Lowering inhibitions
Making us say and do things
We normally would not
Cupid’s bow
Shoots not arrows
But hypodermic needles
A mythological syringe
Bubbling with a cocktail
Of hormones and wishes
Oh, so addictive
That romantic high
A tingling ecstasy
Always leaves you wanting more, more, more
Deliciously hooked
Never wanting to lose that feeling
The sensation
We will do anything for it
But is it love
That can not be trusted?
Or we
Who can not be trusted
With such a powerful thing
In our hands?

NaPoWriMo 2013 poem #3…This should be read rather tongue-in-cheek 😉

Growing Up

At ten years old
I didn’t know
How to drive a car
Or balance a checkbook
Or that love isn’t always forever

At twenty years old
I didn’t know
How to balance a job
With going to college
Or what I wanted to do with my life

At thirty years old
I didn’t know
How to look beyond myself
Or that I was letting
My marriage slowly slip away

At forty years old
All that I know
Is that growing up
Like growing older
Is a process that never ends


For Stuart McPherson’s “Growing Up” prompt on dVerse.

A Thing of Beauty

Memories are jewels

Set in the foggy fabric of time

I keep them polished and gleaming

So that every thought of you

Is a thing of beauty

That will never fade


I originally posted this for a challenge on another blog back in April, but I don’t think that blog is active anymore.  Instead I’ll re-post it for Open Link Night #78 on dVerse.


Try to see beyond sight

Listen beyond hearing

Think beyond thought

Live beyond existence

Love beyond desire

Within us all there is something

Known without knowing

Maybe there

Under yesterday’s paper

Next to the memory of last week

Tucked away

Where we thought we’d remember it

There is something

A face

A place

A sight, sound or taste

Folded neatly

Waiting inside us to be found

To remind each of us

All we ever need to do is





And love




Fifteen years ago today we stood

Hand in hand

Speaking those words

Lighting a candle

Cutting a cake

All through matching smiles

Two children in all but age we were

And some thought we were crazy:

“A wedding? On opening day of deer season?!”

We were united

In love


No, it didn’t last

Only about half the span

Between then and now

But the memory’s glow

Still makes me smile

No bitterness

No regret

Not even that it ended

Because to end

It had to begin


Maybe they were right

We were crazy

Even to this day

When we laugh together

And wish each other

A Happy Un-niversary

Where so many poor souls

Broken couples

Can’t even speak

We still walk

A path begun on that aisle

And branching out over time

But still united

In friendship


For my best friend and the best ex-wife a guy could ask for, LOL 😉

Paper Doll

I originally posted this back in March of this year, but a post by Gabbie on her blog

Tell me, when will my life begin made me decide to re-post it.


She’s a paper doll

The kind you’d like to pin up on the wall

So it seems

That questions always follow from my dreams

And where, why, who has left this paperdoll upon my door?

I see her, but my eyesight’s very poor

And I want more


She’s a paper doll

Thing’s just aren’t as obvious after all

Clinging to

All my old thoughts, while this is nothing new

Just as I reached through the hanging mist and touched the day

The day was cold and sterile anyway

And yet I stay


New feelings call from another room

And I must answer their cry soon

Or leave the paper doll

Upon the table

Ink blue eyes

On the paper doll

Pencil tears

Drawn from my eyes

Over the paper doll


-March 1992