Night and Day

The night looked upon the day
With a wry moonlit eye
“You are too bright
Hiding no mystery
Laying bare all things
Naked in your light
With firey beams
You show too much”

The day looked upon the night
With a piercing, shining eye
“You are too dark
Shadowy and chill
Playing with fears
Casting blindness upon all
In your ghostly shade
You hide too much”

The stars looked on
Locked in a distant dance
And marveled
“Do they not know
The Sun and Moon
Are but two eyes
Gazing from the same face?”

NaPoWriMo 2013 post #11

Sky’s Gone Out

The stars have been gone

For far too long

Weeks of weeping clouds

Dire drizzle

I feel deflated

Hollowed out

Eyes gone wonderless

Come, the moon

Soft and blazing

Chase the sky clear

Come, Taurus and Jupiter,

Gemini, Orion, Auriga

Set the hounds of Sirius loose

Free the heavens to rain ancient light

To charge me

Energize me

Ionize me

Refill me

With the fuel of wonder


**Yes, I stole the title of this from Bauhaus  😉

Jack O’ Lantern

A Halloween poem for Open Link Night over at dVerse.


In the black, black night

Heavy with memories

Chill wind and rotting leaves

Carry the voices of the dead

Jack grins


With pulpy gums

And geometric eyes

He smiles on the darkness

Sputtering light

An orangey glow

Of fluttering flame

Peers from between Jack’s teeth

As if afraid to come out

This night

Jack smiles beneath the cloudy moon

Only he

And the spirits know

Whether his light

Wards them off

Or guides them

Waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun to rise

Cold wet night seeps into my bones

The wind moans under its own chill breath

Carrying away the smoke of my cigarette

The sound of strings and woodwinds from my window

Carrying away my thoughts

Scattering them across the world

In a hazy, spiraling swirl


Waiting for the sun to rise

Chase the faceless nothingness away

Bring something new

Begin something

Throw open the doors of perception

The doors of possibility

Let the hinges of my mind unfold

Like a book dropped

Falling open to a new page


Waiting for the sun to rise

Watching the minutes flicker by

Hours disappear like drying puddles

‘Til I can rush towards freedom

Brief and sweet

Home again, where I work

To fill no other man’s pockets

Only the coffers of my soul



For the sun to rise

Night’s Seduction

Fables twist through my veins

Like moonlight filtered

Through the heavy summer night

As lover’s voices I can’t understand

In rhyming riddles

Play like distant music

Lulling me with whispers

It seems I’ve never heard


Sleep awaits me

Dreams lie on stand by

But I’m not ready

The moon still calls to me

Cooing softly

The night brushes against my skin

Runs it’s hands through my hair

With a sly grin

And a come-hither eye

The night seduces the words from me

To show me the dreams

I must be awake to see

Lunar Powered

I choose the night

Or it chooses me

Silken mist filling the space

Between inky blackness above

And moist green below

The moon is my guardian

My companion this night

As always

When freed by the clouds

Both those floating ghost-like

Past that enlightening face

And those

Fogging my senses

Distracting me

From the milky light


The sun is sweet

The day, divine

But I am lunar powered

The magical light of night

Charging me

Filling me

With visions of myself


Saturday Night

Saturday night

And I know where all the lovers are

They are here


Nimble fingers tapping out lines

Some of love lost

Some of love found

Some weep for the past

Some hope for the future

But either way

They are here

For it seems to me

There are always more poems of love

On Saturday night

Than on any other night of the week.


**Just an observation that turned into a poem 🙂