Kisses Missed

There were many kisses
So many kisses I missed
While walking blind
Down dead end paths
Following mirages of futures
That never arrived
Passing doors of possibility
Heedless of the sweet lights
Glowing inside
Which hindsight revealed
Far, far too late
Looking backwards with a pang
Of lost opportunity

How many unseen doors
How many pathways lie hidden
Blurred by the present
And the chase of foggy futures
How many more kisses am I adding
Every year
To that list
Of kisses missed?

dVerse Open Link Night Week 109


Change comes quietly
Until the moment
You look around and ask yourself
“How did I get here?
And how can I go back?”
The future begins
With the realization
There is no going back
There is no direction
But forward


For Claudia’s “Change” prompt on dVerse this week.