Something to Say

If I could think of something
Important to say
I would say it here
In some clever turn of phrase
An insight
With a sound eloquent and wise
Something to help us understand
What it means
To be human

If I could think of something
Beautiful to write
Those words would go here
Words to touch the heart with a sigh
Passionately descriptive
Painting a scene
To make lovers know
Why they love

If I could think of something
Full of wit and whimsy
It would go right here
Perhaps something
About a Scouse mouse in a blouse
A tongue twisting tale
To raise a smile
And elicit a chuckle

But as I stare blankly
At the blank page
It stares back
Laughing at me, it says,
“Open your eyes.
You’ve just written

For dVerse Open Link Night week 88