Is There Anybody Out There?


Out there

Beyond the veil of pixels and light

Someone waits

Someone dreams

Writing to bare their soul

Holding it up to the mirror

In hopes that it will become a window

A new face

On a reflected heart

Instead of the echoing void

Full of blindness

We call out into that vastness

Hoping our words will reverberate

In someone else’s voice

To hear


A beacon of light

Far out in space

That says

“Me too”

To Poets

Come with us

We fear no evil

Because we’ve been this way before

The path is smoothed

Stones polished like glass

By the bare feet of the ever seeking

The weary who never rest


That’s us

And what are we looking for?

Everything and nothing

We look for truth

We look for beauty

And if we can’t find it in the world

God damn it, we’re going to find it in ourselves

Whether our inflated, fagile

Party balloon egos

Can take it or not


A wise man once said,

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty-

That is all ye know on Earth

And all ye need to know”

But a wiser man simply pleaded

“Just gimme some truth!”

We know

We all know


Is a lie detector

As we strap ourselves in

To the pen and the paper

Wire ourselves to the keyboard

And dig for

The truth and beauty

In our souls

**Just wanted to mention that yesterday (4/30/2012) was the very first time that The Noise of Silence had 100 visits in one day!  Thank you all so much for reading my blog! 😀 **

365 Todays

I stand like stone



Crippled with fear

Like emotional polio




Am I so fragile?

A crystalline soul

Liable to collapse into a thousand splintered fragments?

Shards of glass

Where my heart once was?

Where my ego once stood?


But I break my own heart everyday

Always saving the sweetest lies

To tell myself

“Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow” I say

Knowing all the while

Where fear says “tomorrow”

Strength says…



Today is all there is

This day

Is the only day


Will always be just out of reach

But now-

Now is eternal

Look at the calendar and realize

It shows no tomorrows,

But 365