The Nose Knows Its Spring

The nose knows
Senses the scent from a mile away
The first mowed grass of spring
The freshness
Scent of green
Of Earth renewed
That April-May flavor
Of sunny warm breezes
Like a sigh of relief
After winter’s long held breath

But by summer’s peak
Dry and sunburnt July
The bark of ‘dog days’
The nose forgets
Becomes accustomed
Instead of attuned
Tuned out
Until spring returns
As far as the nose
Grass is only mowed
In the spring

Spring Springing

Warm breezes have returned
The snow has melted away
Robins hop and peepers call
Announcing Spring to the world
Daffodils pierce the damp earth
To show their yellow faces
To a matching sun
Lilacs bear budding leaves
With the promise of perfumed blooms
Soon to come
And as I watch
The Summer Triangle rise
In the early morning sky
I know
The long days
That we wish were even longer
The days of sunshine and play
Are not far away

NaPoWriMo post #8

Haiku series

The sunrise shines pink,

Crimson and purple hues mixed

You shine more lovely


The winter night’s stars

Burn brightest of all the year

You are brighter still


The full moon rises

Magical in it’s brilliance

Your eyes cast more spells


Summer sun so warm

Filling the world with it’s joy

Your smile is more sweet


Spring rain falling soft

Brings flowers the breath of life

Your kiss makes me live