Icy Light

The stars are stripped naked
Burning on winter’s pyre
Icy light
Dancing illusions
Scenes from within the prism
Distant heat
Chilled in its closeness

The stars stare
While generations rise and fall
In a heartbeat
Each life
All its dreams
A cold and distant spark
The shimmer
In a single crystal of ice

Ancient Light

Through these window eyes
Passes light ancient
From across the universe
To spark within
Thoughts deep
And emotions grand
Studying theories
Of the heart and mind
And as the waves crash
Silently across us
What we see
What we feel
Is never
Exactly the same

NaPoWriMo 2013 post #15

Night and Day

The night looked upon the day
With a wry moonlit eye
“You are too bright
Hiding no mystery
Laying bare all things
Naked in your light
With firey beams
You show too much”

The day looked upon the night
With a piercing, shining eye
“You are too dark
Shadowy and chill
Playing with fears
Casting blindness upon all
In your ghostly shade
You hide too much”

The stars looked on
Locked in a distant dance
And marveled
“Do they not know
The Sun and Moon
Are but two eyes
Gazing from the same face?”

NaPoWriMo 2013 post #11

Sky’s Gone Out

The stars have been gone

For far too long

Weeks of weeping clouds

Dire drizzle

I feel deflated

Hollowed out

Eyes gone wonderless

Come, the moon

Soft and blazing

Chase the sky clear

Come, Taurus and Jupiter,

Gemini, Orion, Auriga

Set the hounds of Sirius loose

Free the heavens to rain ancient light

To charge me

Energize me

Ionize me

Refill me

With the fuel of wonder


**Yes, I stole the title of this from Bauhaus  😉

Beneath the Stars

**Written January 20, 1993**

On many nights I’ve walked alone

Beneath a billion stars

And my thoughts were wide and varied

Under as many stars


Thoughts of love, thoughts of hate

Thoughts of what I once understood

Things I found I knew less about

Than I ever could


All the thoughts I’d nurtured and rose

Throughout my years so young

Were now all in a moment froze

By a love beneath these stars


The Lion leaps the God of War

As the Archer rises

To chase the Scorpion

And the Swan, the Eagle and the Lyre ride high

Signalling summer

And inviting me

To balmy nights beneath their light

The chaos of billions

Of balls of blazing gas

So far away

And the dance of our neighbors

In their cosmic waltz around the sun



In patterns

The stars and planets

Become my beautiful friends

I miss you

A pitiful little soul am I

When you’re gone I want to cry

A day, a day, a day

But it feels like a year

Cold December afternoon

I long to see the moon

Standing hand in hand

Beneath the stars with you

I need a kiss so pure

I’m so f***ing insecure

Every thought, every second

Revolves around you

You’re my place to hide

From a world where I am blind

And when I’m in the open

I can hear the wolves behind

For Christ’s sake it’s just a day!

Just a short time you’re away

But it’s such a lonely, endless time

In your arms I want to stay

I miss you

Three feeble little words

But I miss you

(This is an old poem I wrote when my ex-wife and I were first dating.)