Something to Say

If I could think of something
Important to say
I would say it here
In some clever turn of phrase
An insight
With a sound eloquent and wise
Something to help us understand
What it means
To be human

If I could think of something
Beautiful to write
Those words would go here
Words to touch the heart with a sigh
Passionately descriptive
Painting a scene
To make lovers know
Why they love

If I could think of something
Full of wit and whimsy
It would go right here
Perhaps something
About a Scouse mouse in a blouse
A tongue twisting tale
To raise a smile
And elicit a chuckle

But as I stare blankly
At the blank page
It stares back
Laughing at me, it says,
“Open your eyes.
You’ve just written

For dVerse Open Link Night week 88


Try to see beyond sight

Listen beyond hearing

Think beyond thought

Live beyond existence

Love beyond desire

Within us all there is something

Known without knowing

Maybe there

Under yesterday’s paper

Next to the memory of last week

Tucked away

Where we thought we’d remember it

There is something

A face

A place

A sight, sound or taste

Folded neatly

Waiting inside us to be found

To remind each of us

All we ever need to do is





And love