Icy Light

The stars are stripped naked
Burning on winter’s pyre
Icy light
Dancing illusions
Scenes from within the prism
Distant heat
Chilled in its closeness

The stars stare
While generations rise and fall
In a heartbeat
Each life
All its dreams
A cold and distant spark
The shimmer
In a single crystal of ice


It was my own tradition


Those few torturous years

Between a young man

Or an old child

I walked my hometown streets

Booted feet squeak-crunching on snow

Wrapped up in plaid scarf

And an old olive army coat

I walked in cold night air

Breath a sparkling mist before my face

Headphones feeding

Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker to my imagination

Street after small town street

Across Maple Avenue, up to Queen Anne’s Place

Alone I walked

The warm glow of Christmas lights

Like a shattered electric rainbow

Sprinkled against the pristine whiteness

Of lake-effect snow

And the soundless depths of evergreen

I walked for that moment


Snowflakes embracing me

The night softly humming “Silent Night” to itself

Witnessing the beauty

Of a small town Christmas

In which I and all the world around me

Were decorations


As a teenager I loved walking around my hometown on a December evening to look at all the Christmas lights and decorations.  It was always so peaceful and the lights were very pretty.  This is for the prompt on dVerse about first person perspective in poetry.

I’m Free

The cold, black clouds

I thought would never leave

Have finally gone

And set me free


No longer does my heart

Wallow in pain

No more tragic darkness

Where it so long had lain


Time held me prisoner

In a cell of tragedy

‘Til one day there was you

And you set me free


Now it is winter

But despite all the snows

Thanks to my love

My heart’s no longer froze


You are the angel

That’s set my heart free

And though it sounds simple,

I love you, Aimee


-November 1996

The Strongest Heart

I’ve always known

You are strong,


A woman of will.

I’ve always seen

The pure, raw power

Of your heart.

But until I watched you weather

All life’s recent assaults,

The slings and arrows

You have endured,

I had never known

Just how incredibly strong

A woman you are!

A woman invincible

Though fragile

A woman whose heart,

Though breakable,

Is resilient

Rising like the phoenix

From every flame that touches it.

You were stronger than the fear

For your little girl’s heart.

You are infinitely stronger

Than the one who has treated you

With the bitter cold

Of a thousand winters.

I stand in awe

And I stand in love

Of a woman whose heart

Is so much stronger

Than I could ever have imagined.

Than I could ever be.

Haiku series

The sunrise shines pink,

Crimson and purple hues mixed

You shine more lovely


The winter night’s stars

Burn brightest of all the year

You are brighter still


The full moon rises

Magical in it’s brilliance

Your eyes cast more spells


Summer sun so warm

Filling the world with it’s joy

Your smile is more sweet


Spring rain falling soft

Brings flowers the breath of life

Your kiss makes me live