Let Ink Be Spilled!

Paper calls out
Pens beg to be grasped
Create!  Create!
They plead
Let ink be spilled this night!
A white, virgin expanse
Unexplored land
Lines waiting to be filled
Fill them with diamonds and jewels
Fill them with the basest
Lead and ink
Chart the unknown
Un-blank the page
And map the labyrinth
Of thought

dVerse Open Link Night #115

Written Words Read

There is a connection
Through nothingness
In contemplative silence
Across immeasurable distance
We connect
With words written
Words read
Though no voice is heard
No face seen
No eye to eye glimpse
Into a passionate mind
Or a colorful soul
But as we read each others words
Is made
Perhaps soon forgotten
Maybe forever remembered
That inner voice
Small and hidden
Is an ethereal
In written words
Between distant minds

NaPoWriMo 2013 post #16 and dVerse Open Link Night #92

A Hug

A hug
Such a simple thing
Holds a power beyond measure
With two arms you can encompass
Your entire world
A hug
Is acceptance
It is healing
The medicine of life
It is comfort
It is expression
Of words that do not exist
In the press of two bodies
A warm flush
A rush
Ethereal and electric
Where both time
And the heart
In a moment
Of quiet power

NaPoWriMo 2013 post #4

Something to Say

If I could think of something
Important to say
I would say it here
In some clever turn of phrase
An insight
With a sound eloquent and wise
Something to help us understand
What it means
To be human

If I could think of something
Beautiful to write
Those words would go here
Words to touch the heart with a sigh
Passionately descriptive
Painting a scene
To make lovers know
Why they love

If I could think of something
Full of wit and whimsy
It would go right here
Perhaps something
About a Scouse mouse in a blouse
A tongue twisting tale
To raise a smile
And elicit a chuckle

But as I stare blankly
At the blank page
It stares back
Laughing at me, it says,
“Open your eyes.
You’ve just written

For dVerse Open Link Night week 88

Do you understand?

Putasne intelligis?
Do you understand?
All these words
Een mengsel, a mixture, of sounds and syllables
Nouns, verbs, adjectives
Frénétique liberté phonétique
Frenetic phonetic freedom
Every word, every sentence
Whether I speak of love
A spark inside my heart
Or of beauty’s inspiration
Füttrung meiner seele
Feeding my soul
Or the echoes of time and memory
Ghostly shades of the past
And the emotions they reverberate
All of these words
Tutte queste parole
Everything spoken
Everything written
Each breath that makes a sound
Em qualquer língua, på nogen læber
In any tongue, on any lips
Every thought and feeling expressed
Carries inside
The eternal Human question
La qüestió Humana eterna
Buried in its rhythm
Between the lines and beneath the voice
In eloquence or awkwardness
All words ask
¿Lo entiendes?
Ne comprenez-vous?
Putasne intelligis?
Do you

For the dVerse prompt on using other languages in our poems.  I love languages so this was right up my alley!  The other languages used in this in the order they appear is: Latin, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Catalan, Greek, Spanish, French, and Latin…No, I don’t speak all these languages. Some of the words I knew, some I have to give Google Translate the credit for.  🙂

Words for Words

Waiting for words to fall

Like gumballs cascading

From their shattered glass sphere

Multi-colored and shiny

Across the dime store floor


Shake the dictionary

And see what words fall out

Croon and caress

The Thesaurus

Listening for the words

It whispers and purrs


Silky, sunshine adjectives

Vibrant, unrestrained verbs

And haughty nouns

Vie for attention

Hoping to string themselves together

Into a rainbow fractal mosaic

That utters a truth

A whole

Greater than the sum of its parts

Night’s Seduction

Fables twist through my veins

Like moonlight filtered

Through the heavy summer night

As lover’s voices I can’t understand

In rhyming riddles

Play like distant music

Lulling me with whispers

It seems I’ve never heard


Sleep awaits me

Dreams lie on stand by

But I’m not ready

The moon still calls to me

Cooing softly

The night brushes against my skin

Runs it’s hands through my hair

With a sly grin

And a come-hither eye

The night seduces the words from me

To show me the dreams

I must be awake to see

Is There Anybody Out There?


Out there

Beyond the veil of pixels and light

Someone waits

Someone dreams

Writing to bare their soul

Holding it up to the mirror

In hopes that it will become a window

A new face

On a reflected heart

Instead of the echoing void

Full of blindness

We call out into that vastness

Hoping our words will reverberate

In someone else’s voice

To hear


A beacon of light

Far out in space

That says

“Me too”

Waiting for a Train

Have you ever really, really wanted to write a poem, but you just couldn’t come up with something that you felt like writing about?  That’s how I’ve been the last couple of days.

Words rattle around my brain

Bouncing off my mental walls

Nothing sticking, it all falls

Into puddles of ink rain


Like a bottle of pop shaken

Pressure builds of thoughts

Ideas on the page caught

But shape they haven’t taken


The words come formless as the foam

Not a phrase to hang a poem upon

Like melting ice, too soon they’re gone

Too far my mind continues to roam


With ticket held in eager hands

I await the next creative train

To ease the literary strain

When words will flow like desert sands


Inspired by a prompt from dVerse by way of a post by Polly Robinson.  I think I’ve strayed away from the original idea behind the prompt on dVerse somewhat, but I don’t think anyone will hold it against me 🙂 …I discovered this word many years ago in Rawlinson’s Seven Great Monarchies of the Ancient World and have always thought it was a shame there isn’t an equivalent in English.



Means ‘Most beautiful eyed one’

A word from Old Persian

Lost beyond time’s horizon


We need a word today

That in a single breath

Could as much say


No English word can describe

Iris, cornea, pupil and lash

Tell not of the beauty inside


Is spoken in every sigh

That passes each lover’s lips

While gazing in each other’s eyes