Good Old Days

The good old days
Simpler times
Things, safer
People, more polite
When neighbors were friends
And everyone
Had a hand to lend

A myth
An illusion
There are no “good old days”
Nothing changes
We bemoan the loss
The theft
Of something remembered
Through the rose colored glasses
Of vanished childhood
As our parents did
And their parents before them
Every generation
Mourning a past
Simple and innocent

Those days were not
Simple and innocent
We were
As days and times do not change
We do
And mourn the loss
Of innocent selves

And children still play-
Though not the same as we
Once did-
Blissfully unaware
Of their own innocence
Until the day comes
When they, too, will look backwards
Through the blurry haze of growing up
And rue the loss
Of these
Good old days

9 thoughts on “Good Old Days

  1. It is my four year anniversary of blogging with WordPress! I actually thought I’d started blogging about six months earlier, but I guess that’s just another illusion of memory, LOL. 😉

  2. Congrats on the fourth blogging anniversary. 🙂
    The poem quite resonated with me. The good old days is a phrase that one understands only when one will understand it.
    Wise words- we change and thus, the world changes for us.

  3. ah yes – the good old days seem to be only so good in our memory as we tend to forget the things that didn’t go so well or weren’t so good… on the other hand it is nice to focus on the good things as well – but we should everyday – in the now as well

  4. Happy anniversary, David! The good old days, thanks this blog, will always live in your present: writing is a time machine, everything we write down cames alive once read again…
    Have a nice we,

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