Alone, not lonely

Alone, but not lonely

I enjoy my own company

The solitude

Time to think

To imagine

To create

This bubble of time spent

In self-isolation


I am unfettered



But there are times

Moments like lightning making night into day

For the briefest of seconds

When I try to remember

The taste of lips

The warm press of another against me

Arms wrapped

Lying in the glistening dark

Out of breath and filled with passion

What was that like?

That half remembered closeness

Breaths mixed

Sharing something

A feeling

A sensation

Beyond the physical

Mirrored in another’s eyes


Feline thoughts

Slinking through my mind

Puzzles and riddles

I don’t want to complete

A stubborn weakness to need nothing

No one

But cold and barren time

Stretches ever farther

A rubberband

Waiting to see how far it can go

Before it snaps

How long it takes

Before I no longer wish

To be alone anymore


Alone, but not lonely

Except in those fleeting moments

When I wonder

Am I missing something?

8 thoughts on “Alone, not lonely

  1. Thanks for the great response, everyone. I wrote this almost a month ago and debated whether it was good enough to bother posting, but now I’m glad I did. 🙂

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