This is for Mary’s prompt over at dVerse about time.  Fittingly for the topic, I’ve taken an old poem about time I wrote when I was younger and re-written it from my current perspective. 

Every day must end

Every day will end

Taking with it more

Than you are willing to let go


The destroyer

The absolute

Pauses for nothing in its path

Stops for nothing

Turns for no one

Constantly sweeping away

The collected dust of our experience


Every day will end

Events will be gone




Yet even memories fade

The facts of history become altered

And time destroys truth


Evil comes, and the day ends

Good is done, and the day ends

The battles of love and war are fought

And the day ends

This day and this day and this day

Faster than you can think

“I should have remembered more”

A month becomes as a day

A year becomes as a month

Another day ends

And time

Is not on your side

16 thoughts on “Time

  1. great repetition of the day end….it keeps us grounded in this….taking with it more than we want to let go…true that, great opening with that too cause it hooked me good…time is a great friend who stabs us in the back all too often you know….great write…

    • “Time is a great friend who stabs us in the back all too often” What a great way to put it! Wish I’d thought of that line!
      Thank you very much 🙂

  2. David, I think everyone over a certain age can identify with this poem. Every day does take more with it than we are willing to let go. So many memories will be eventually lost. (Ha, that is why we have to write poetry, right?) And so true that time is not on our side! But then I wonder whose side it is on??? Thought-provoking work.

  3. You sound like the author of Ecclesiastes. A Jewish story based on Ecclesiastes was the basis of my poem — but unlike yours (& the Preacher), I did not end in “pointlessness”.

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